Call centre one week later. 2nd day of my attendance


Can’t say call centres are my kind of   place. I thought perhaps I would use the sterility to catch up with Admin. But I have a pressing need to animate the man digging, I overhear conversations about technology and creative research. Call me old fashioned  but there is a dryness about the place. where is the creative mess?

I met another AIR resident said hello to a few passers but descided wanted to get on with some work.  Sure the chemistry will happen despite my adversity to the …shall we call it  ” Complex ”

Deleuze: rising up as what it is talking about pushes down into the earth


In this lecture “what is the creative Act?”  my attention was alerted around 26:41.

Deleuze talks about how as the words rise into the air what they are talking about drop into the ground. In french the word he uses through is not really how it is transalted. drop is closer to fall but The word Deleuze uses is enforcer. Which is more like to drive into, to push into.

Listening again I am struck by how deleuze specifically returns to say again what he means. Again the transalation of the subtitles does not catch the sublty .  However I do like this sentance

“or else this disjunctive operation holds no sence”

The words “s’eleve” into the air. S’eleve is not simply rise and actually he does not say the words, he say the word “la Parole” and in this sence it seems that the S’eleve is an action of the words not simply that they rise?

OK mot is word, parole can be words, but it is more to be given voice. Donne moi la parole

Then when he talks about the earth that we see S’enfonce. So it doesn’t simply drop away, it is also active

When he is more specific he talks of the Parole and what it is talking about pushes into the earth.

Climbing and digging riseing and digging

Later around 41:56 deleuze talks about resitence and returns to this disjuncture. In the work of jean marie straub…….the visual is not directly linked to the audio.

Whilst the act rises the object descends……resistance

A comment on Game of thrones

text from gamers network on chaos is a ladder

link to discussion

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

Jonny and the Oculus

I take a coffee break and walk over to Jonny who I have been introduced to before. His desk is full of gadgets, mice with wheels and goggles. He  invites me to try out his oculus.  Putting it on I am presented with an “imersive expereince ” A desk with a lamp paper and pen and some digital looking plants.  I reach out to touch but like a ghost nothing is tangible.  I look around and behind is a a blue landscape and horizon.

Immediately I think of placing the loops of people climbing and falling in this landscape.  The Oculus and unity provide an immediate ….well almost immediate… accessibility to trying out some ideas. If nothing else a great way of pitching an idea.


Jonny seems open to helping me put some clips into this 3D environment. So day one at the call centre leads to Oculus potential!



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