Alongside the work I do under my own name I facilitate others to express themselves, or their concerns, through creative acts.

I do this working in different commnites for local cultural organizations and in formal education

InterAnima CIC

I am also the Creative Director of A community interest company undertaking art interventions in Penryn Cornwall. Amongst these are a community magazine, Rynzine and a community mapping project Re-imagine Your Town.

Routes and Roots (in R&D)

The R&D for this project took place between June and September 2022.

Routes & Roots will be a participatory art project inspiring residents of   Bodmin, to co-create a map of Bodmin. Its aim is to creatively celebrate the ancestorial Roots of residents today,  the Routes taken, throughout history, to get to Bodmin, and objects or places of personal significance in the Townscape.

This short video of the R&D was made by a student on Bodmin FdA in Media arts who documented some of the R&D.

The R&D was supported by IntoBodmin as part of the Bodmaxx project

A student of Bodmin FdA in Media Arts helped document the R&D.

A statement from a resident of Bodmin/ student on Bodmin FdA in Media Arts

There is also some documentation on an Instagram account to document some of the outcomes

Bodmaxx 2021

Bodmaxx was the name used for the collaboration between three artists , Holly , Greg and Myslelf.

We were employed, on a year’s contract, by intobodmin to develop free and accessible creative projects for the people of Bodmin.

The project was funded by the Arts Council with the aim of seeing the effect of artist being employed over a year to deliver projects rather than being funded on a specific project. An outline of projects can be seen at the following link

Re imagine Your Town 2015-17

Re-Imagine Your Town  began by turning a vacant shop in the heart of Penryn into a pop up Re-imagine your town workshop space,. Here residents began to create an interactive map and archive of their town’s past, present, and future.  This project led on to a funded PhD at Pymouth University .


The Rynzine began as a pilot in 2021. It was a project led by myself and made by a few residents of Penryn / With the first issue over 20 volunteers delivered a total of 3400 copies in 2 wks to almost every household in Penryn. We are now in production with the second issue

A copy of the Pilot can be downloaded from this link

This first issue of Rynzine was an invitation to residents of Penryn to share ideas and information. In these times of climate crisis, lack of affordable housing, and the increasing gap between those who have too much and those who do not have enough, residents need to come together to build community resilience. Projects such as Rynzine can help to develop solutions to global problems through local action.

The 2nd Issue will be distributed in Febuary 2023

Artist Filmmaker