The works below  do not include commercial freelance work.

Practice  led Research on the socio political impact of participatory mapping using computer simulations and collage .

Fish cross
Fish cross: An Image taken from the Unity game engine






My Research is based between Transtechnology Research group at Plymouth University  and my  studio in Pernyn Cornwall. A key component to my research is reflecting on a Participatory Mapping project I produced in Penryn, in 2016, called Re-Imagine Your Town . Reflections and future plans for further particpatory mapping projects are now informed by the  the ideas of Henri Bergosn , on Matter and Memory , Guy Debord , on the society of the spectacle and Brian Massumi . Massumi  is philosopher and social theorist, alive and kicking,  who gives access to concepts of Bergson and Deleuze that I would otherwise find difficult to grasp.

Re-Imagine Your Town  began by turning a vacant shop in the heart of Penryn into a pop up Re-imagine your town workshop space,. Here residents began to create an interactive map and archive of their town’s past, present and future.  This project remains a central part to my research. My hope is that my current research will underpin future participatory mapping projects and inform how i use technology as a tool for facilitation



Burrow 003 _Installation Performance

 A  series of dialogic installations under the title of burrow  pursuing an ongoing interest in the theme of ladders and digging.  Building on my previous  skills in animation, sculpture, performance and an evolving interest in gaming technology . see burrow page for details

Red Ruth

red ruth

A short  film made form a series of animated loops. A man climbing a ladder, a boat without a sail, a shirt that needs ironing, a pile of earth, a spade, a line of thread. a button that fell down a hole. 


My perfect embrace

my perfect embrace

A Documentary about tango and a man’s  search for a perfect  embrace.

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