The works below  do not include commercial freelance work.

Practice  led Research on the socio political impact of participatory mapping

Fish cross
Fish cross: An Image taken from the Unity game engine

My Research is based between Transtechnology Research group at Plymouth University  and my  studio in Pernyn Cornwall. A key component to my research is reflecting on a Participatory Mapping project I produced in Penryn, in 2016, called Re-Imagine Your Town . Reflections and future plans for further particpatory mapping projects are now informed by the  the ideas of Henri Bergosn , on Matter and Memory , Guy Debord , on the society of the spectacle and Brian Massumi . Massumi  is philosopher and social theorist, alive and kicking,  who gives access to concepts of Bergson and Deleuze that I would otherwise find difficult to grasp.

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