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Deleuze: rising up as what it is talking about pushes down into the earth


In this lecture “what is the creative Act?”  my attention was alerted around 26:41.

Deleuze talks about how as the words rise into the air what they are talking about drop into the ground. In french the word he uses through is not really how it is transalted. drop is closer to fall but The word Deleuze uses is enforcer. Which is more like to drive into, to push into.

Listening again I am struck by how deleuze specifically returns to say again what he means. Again the transalation of the subtitles does not catch the sublty .  However I do like this sentance

“or else this disjunctive operation holds no sence”

The words “s’eleve” into the air. S’eleve is not simply rise and actually he does not say the words, he say the word “la Parole” and in this sence it seems that the S’eleve is an action of the words not simply that they rise?

OK mot is word, parole can be words, but it is more to be given voice. Donne moi la parole

Then when he talks about the earth that we see S’enfonce. So it doesn’t simply drop away, it is also active

When he is more specific he talks of the Parole and what it is talking about pushes into the earth.


Climbing and digging riseing and digging

Later around 41:56 deleuze talks about resitence and returns to this disjuncture. In the work of jean marie straub…….the visual is not directly linked to the audio.

Whilst the act rises the object descends……resistance