Jonny and the Oculus

I take a coffee break and walk over to Jonny who I have been introduced to before. His desk is full of gadgets, mice with wheels and goggles. He  invites me to try out his oculus.  Putting it on I am presented with an “imersive expereince ” A desk with a lamp paper and pen and some digital looking plants.  I reach out to touch but like a ghost nothing is tangible.  I look around and behind is a a blue landscape and horizon.

Immediately I think of placing the loops of people climbing and falling in this landscape.  The Oculus and unity provide an immediate ….well almost immediate… accessibility to trying out some ideas. If nothing else a great way of pitching an idea.


Jonny seems open to helping me put some clips into this 3D environment. So day one at the call centre leads to Oculus potential!



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